Commitment to transparent functioning

We at Pardarshita strongly feel that while we demand the government departments to be transparent with everyone, we also have a duty of maintaining transparency in terms of our own work, expenditures, funding and so on. So, to re-iterate our commitment towards ethical and pardarshi work, we invite anyone to inspect our books of accounts.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Our Team

1. Rajiv Kumar
From being a businessman to a full-time social worker now, Rajiv has been committed to the cause of social justice for about eight years. He is one of the founding members of NGO 'Parivartan' and later, 'Pardarshita', in 2005. He is an expert on application of the Right to Information to make the government more accountable and transparent in its functioning. Amongst other achievements for underpriveledged communities at Delhi-level, he has imparted training in various government departments to improve their functioning.
2. Ritu Mehra
A teacher by professional training, Ritu joined Parivartan in 2004 as a social worker and later moved to Pardarshita. She's a full-time member, who's also pursuing training in law.  
3. Farhan
He joined Pardarshita as a part-time computer trainer but now has become a full-time member of the family. He's also pursuing his graduation while helping out community members in their fight for justice.
4. Rakesh Thakur
He is working with Pardarshita as a Project Assistant.
5. Sapna Kashyap
She got absorbed in Pardarshita from the community they were assisting. She works with women on issues of governance.
6. Aamna
She used to initially teach Urdu to the elderly, from home, before joining Pardarshita as a full-time member. She mobilises members of the community.
8. Nazera
She is a member of Pardarshita's Youth Group since November 2009.   
9. Mohd. Alzar
He is also an active member of Pardarshita's Youth Group since November 2009.
She first got associated with Parivartan in 2005, in the capacity of a journalist. She now volunteers with Pardarshita, an off-shoot organisation, assisting them in documentation work, writing stories about field visits and updating their blog.

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