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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Updates for the admission under EWS quota, March 2008

Dear Asha /Seattle/Munich/Delhi members,
Here is a latest update on the Admissions. The Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued contempt of court notices to as many as 52 private schools here for refusing free admissions to students belonging to economically weaker sections of society despite giving affidavits to this effect to the Court last year. The links of the news coverage is also given in the mail below. A good move in all what has been happening on this front so far. Let's hope that these actions are not covering up a larger and dirtier scheme of the Pvt Schools. Though Ritu just called to tell that the pvt schools are now calling up parents to get the children admitted in their schools.... Great work done by Mr Ashok Agrawal, and the Pardarshita team - Rajiv, Ritu, Rekha... All the updates are now present on the project website: From Asha's perspective, I think we might need to take this issue up and build some opinion around it in our area of influence. Start some debates and discussions around it. Right to Information applications were filed in other states in India about the existance of the clause in other states in India. Some responses have started coming in - follow ups have to be done. Please cascade this info as appropriate -Uday -- "Desh badalna hai toh pehele khud ko badlo" ----- Weitergeleitete Mail ---- Gesendet: Donnerstag, den 13. März 2008, 22:37:56 Uhr Betreff: Up dates for the admission under EWS quota Dear Friend Greetings There has been a great development in the drive for admission under EWS quota. It had been noticed that the set drive was not giving desired results. On pardarshita helpline the parents who had approached with their grievances for not getting the forms from the schools, so we had advised those parents that they should file their complaints in the office of their district deputy director of education or director of education. More than 500 complaints against 54 schools have been filed in the department of education but no action has been taken by the department. All these complaints were brought under notice of Hon’ble High court during the hearing held on 19.2.08.and with the result of this High Court had ordered the education department to file the status report of all these complaints. The education department has submitted the status report on 11.3.08. On dated 12.3.08 hearing was conducted regarding this matter and the Hon’ble Court has ordered to issue a contempt notice against these defaulted schools. Advocate Sh. Ashok Aggarwal (Social Jurist) has played an important role in achieving such success, because of their support all matter was brought under the notice of Hon’ble Court . We and all parents are grate ful to them. . Many leading news papers have covered this; we are enclosing the links of the paper as well as the list of schools against which the Hon’ble court has issued notice for contempt of Court With regards Rajiv

Additional Information- LIST of schools, filed in Court 

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