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We at Pardarshita strongly feel that while we demand the government departments to be transparent with everyone, we also have a duty of maintaining transparency in terms of our own work, expenditures, funding and so on. So, to re-iterate our commitment towards ethical and pardarshi work, we invite anyone to inspect our books of accounts.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Report on Exposure Visit by Youth Group & Rag pickers, November 2009

As we are working with youth and rag pickers group in Bawana and while with youth group in Seemapuri. The youth group at the both locations are participated in our various activity like school admission campaign, school awareness campaign, PDS camp, health issue, sanitation issue etc. The rag pickers group not that much strong. This group is in primary stage. So we organized an exposure visit from 6th to 9th November, 2009 of 16 youths and 8 rag pickers to explore their knowledge and develop their understanding.

So with 8 rag pickers and 8 youths from Bawana and 8 youths from Seemapuri we went to Chakia village which is located in Chandouli district of U.P and Nagepur village which is situated 44 Km away from Mughal Sarai Station. In Chakia the group interacted with the group named Youth for Democracy who are working for NREGA and different social issues in the villages of Chandouli district and the group interacted with Lok Samiti in Raja Talab, Varanasi. Lok Samiti is working with weavers at Raja Talab and its surrounding villages for their betterment.
Day 1: We reached Chakia village on 7th Nov, 09 at 8:30 A.M. and stayed at a guest house of forest department which is situated near Latif Shah Dam on Karmnasha river. After breakfast and tea the introductory session has held. At first the group introduced themselves and there after Mr. Jai Shanker introduced his team to our group. Then the group of 24 persons divided in to 5 sub groups and leadership of these subgroups given to Rajeev, Farhan, Rakesh, Sapna and Anzar respectively.

Mr. Shrawan Kumar Kushwaha from Youth for Democracy has taken a session of youth group and briefed the youth about the situation of the area and the life of the community who are living in the remote villages and forests. Mostly adiwasis are living in this region. Mr. Kushwaha briefed the youth that how our country is deviated from its objective he also briefed the youth about Bhagat Singh’s life and his objectives.
In the after noon session Mr. Santlal briefed the group about NREGA and various schemes which are run by government. He told to the group that in the year of 2005 the parliament passed two strong acts one is RTI and another is NREGA. The group was not unknown about RTI act but NREGA is new for them. Mr. Santlal described the important points of NREGA to the group and said that mainly it gives the guarantee of 100 days employment in a year to the people of villages. Thereafter he briefed about various schemes like widow pension, old age pension, janani suraksha yojna etc.
After this session the youth and rag picker group enjoyed their evening at Latif Shah Dam and also interact with local community and their life.

Day 2: In the morning of 2nd day i.e. 8th Nov, 09 all youths and rag pickers moved for Chandra Prabha Vanya Jeev Vihar which was 16 K.M from the chakia guest house. At Chandra Prabha the group enjoyed the water fall of Dev Dari and Raj Dari. They also interacted with Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey, Forest Officer, Chandra Prabha Vanya Jeev Vihar. Mr. Pandey briefed the group about the importance of forest and nature. He also gives the details of this sanctuary that what types of flora & fauna are in this area and they are useful for us.
In afternoon we left the place and moved for Chakia guest house. After lunch at guest house we left the place in the evening and reached to Lok Samiti organization in Raja Talab (Varanasi). All members had dinner and went to bed.
Day 3: The morning of 9th Nov, 09 started with Morning Prayer with school children of Asha Samajik  Vidyalaya then all had breakfast. Most of the youths have taken classes at Asha Samajik Vidyalaya for 2 – 3 hours. Thereafter, they went to the nearby villages to meet with the people and know about their life. The main occupation of that village was weaving, they weave silk sarees. They were all surprised when they came to know that the whole family is working from morning to late evening for saree making but they hardly earn 200 to 300 Rupees per day.
In the evening we all left the place and reached to Varanasi station and took the train and returned to Delhi next morning. From the exposure visit most of them got knowledge and experience about the village life of our country. It was an interesting tour and very learning because the group came to know how the youth in the village selflessly work for the social cause in the adverse conditions.

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