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Monday, 3 January 2011


Dear friends,
This is very unfortunate that on the one hand  food grains are rotting in godowns while on other, thousands of people who have BPL and Antodaya ration cards are not getting ration.
The Assistant Commissioner of North East District has stated before the Central Information Commission:  “because of an error in their computer program, thousands of BPL persons, who are eligible for getting ration, have been denied ration supplies.”  As a result of departmental fault ,people are not getting ration for last five months despite their ration cards.
Since August 2010, the ration supply for thousands of BPL& Antodaya card holders at 70 Circles of Delhi has stopped suddenly. On inquiry, the people affected were told the following at their respective Circle Offices: "the Head Quarter has cancelled the cards; we do not know the reason for the same.” 
The Food & Supply Department had not sent any notice for the cancellation of cards and all of a sudden, when people went to withdraw ration from the FPS shop they were told that their cards are cancelled.
In Seema Puri Constituency, 707 BPL & Antodaya cards were cancelled and when some of the card holders sought reasons for cancellation of their cards under the RTI Act, then the Public Information officer did not provide  any explanation for their cancellation. 
When the matter reached CIC,  at the time of hearing, the PIO gave the list of cancelled 707 BPL & Antodaya Ration Card Holders and informed the Commission that due to the technical fault of computer the BPL & Antodaya Cards throughout Delhi has been cancelled.
The Hon’ble Commissioner directed the PIO to provide compensation of Rs.2000 to the information seekers for not providing the information in set time limit. The Commission also directed the Food Commissioner to provide reasons why the ration has not been provided to the appellants. 
Warm Regards
Rajiv Kumar


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