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We at Pardarshita strongly feel that while we demand the government departments to be transparent with everyone, we also have a duty of maintaining transparency in terms of our own work, expenditures, funding and so on. So, to re-iterate our commitment towards ethical and pardarshi work, we invite anyone to inspect our books of accounts.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pre-Election Campaign meeting held on 8th April, 09, Garhwal Bhawan

In Delhi a pre-election campaign was organized focusing on need for social security measures for unorganized workers specially women, the need to stop privatization of services and generate livelihood options and the need to provide state run services to ensure health care, food and shelter for the urban poor.
The meeting was organized by three organization of Delhi working with Urban poverty and Supported by Action-Aid India. In this meeting more than 330 women from the community in which Pardarshita, Nairmana and Bal Vikas Dhara is working, participated. The candidates and representatives of different parties were also invited and representative of Congress and Janata Dal Party and Lokraj Sangathan participated and addressed the people.
The meeting was started with a movement song and the introduction speech of by Ritu and Subhash Bhatnagar. In their speech they explained about the objectives of the meeting and then Ritu form Pardarshita invited the women from different communities to chair the meeting.
Dulari – Nirmana
“She is staying in Sec-16, Dwarka. In her Basti, the community people deprived from the entire Govt scheme even they are facing problems for their children’s birth certificate. The Govt is providing many facilities but on the grass root level we people are deprived of every facility, so we need to demands for our Rights .Education is a important role but if we will organize then only we can get all benefits in our hand. Every time the candidates are coming for votes, but now we need to organize and raise our voice against their corruption and false commitment.
So there is need for women empowerment and unity, then we can prove that women are not weak at all
Sunita –Nirmana
"After a long struggle, we have been succeeded for the first time that Central Act is implemented for the Construction Worker, so many workers are registered under the Welfare Board and she was also registered, she has the Labour Dept. card. But till now not even a single member has get any benefit through Welfare Board, so again we have to campaign together for the entitlements.
Reena – Pardarshita
"Only at the time of candidates come for vote, but if we go to any elected candidates for our legible demands or for any work the administrative people discourages us and they forget their accountability and responsibility towards people.
Praveen- Seemapuri
"We are becoming poor and poor; there are many scheme and Act for the benefit of poor people but the people are not getting any benefits. Neither we are getting good employment (Labour work) nor are wages, our children not also getting quality education. There are also other major problems like drinking water. Every time the candidates come to our jhuggies and request for votes and do many big promises but once they are elected they forget their promises. So we want the candidate should work for the welfare of the people who has elected him as their representative.
Biju Nayak - Lok Raj Sangathan
“ In 2008 a Bogus Bill passed in Parliament , in which there is not any benefits for the poor Unorganised Sector Workers and no one can think about the welfare of 40 crores Unorganised Sector Workers in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
Either Congress / BJP/CPI, not a single one represents as people representatives when they come to power. Govt is supporting the Capitalist and they are playing the role to divide our poor people in different party, caste and religion.
So now here is the proper time when we can select our people to Parliament, who can work for our poor people.
Vijay Sing- MLA – Congress Party
He addressed the people and appreciated the effort done by three organizations to in bringing the people from three districts on one platform and also stated that “There should be State Level Board and District Level Board and all the workers should register there. I don’t understand why people are always thinking more priority for their son , mother should aware that girl child is more efficient than boy. There is more important for the Ration card and I – card for any people who are staying any Delhi then through I-card they can get any type of benefits.
Shiv Singh Solanki – Nirmana (Sec-3)
"He was from sec-3, in their Juggi there are many problems, after a long struggle the Govt. has implemented Central Act for Construction Workers, in their community most of the people are construction Workers but till date workers are getting any benefits, even the women are going to 2Kms for collect drinking water.
They all belong to BPL category but they have not been issued BPL ration card and who have ration card they are not getting ration in time”.

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