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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Report on Capacity Building of Youth Groups, October 2009

As we are working with youths of Bawana & Seemapuri since April’09 and since then youths are actively involved in various activity like school admission campaign, school awareness campaign, cloth distribution to fire victims in Bawana etc. They are also sensitizing and assisting the community in various issues like sanitation, health, education, PSD etc. Therefore strengthen of the group is necessary. It is also important that these groups will work as a resource group for the community who can understand the need of group, give the leadership to the community, by knowing how to access the various entitlements etc.
Therefore to fulfill these objectives a capacity building training of youth group was organized at USO house, New Delhi on 14th October’09. This training was attended by 20 youths from Bawana and 14 from Seemapuri. Out of total 34 participants 16 were girl and 17 from Muslim community. This meeting was started with the welcome note by Mrs. Ritu. She welcomes the resource person Mrs. Amita from ISST and introduced her to the youth group.
After that an introduction round has held in which Mrs. Amita made pairs of youths and told them that every one will introduce his/her partner. Each one made pair and introduced their partner as per guidance of Mrs. Amita. Thereafter the resource person interact with every youth and said them that what capacity we have. Every youth participated in the discussion and shared their capacity.
Mrs. Amita told to the youth group that we are a human being and because of that we have some responsibilities towards our family, community as well as our country. To fulfill these responsibilities we need groups which do the work together. She also focused on the importance of group. The youth groups from Bawana and Seemapuri got actively involved in the discussion.

Mrs. Amita related the active involvement of youth group with the steps of success. She divided the whole subject in nine steps which are as follows:
Step 1 (Time Management): She briefed the youth group that if you want to be succeed in any area then you should have follow first step that is time management. It will help you to do the work in time.
Step 2 (Responsibility): Mrs. Amita briefed to the youth group that in group activity the responsibility of work is on every individual and each one do their work as per their responsibility. The feeling of responsibility in each member will help the group to get success.
Step 3 (Unity): In regard with this step Ms. Amita briefed the youths that it is the most important step to get the success. She also told the story of poor farmer and his four sons and related the story with the importance of unity in a group.
Step 4 (Positive Attitude): It is the key point to get success by an individual or a group. She said that when we start any work with a positive attitude surely that work will be completed in the desired goal. She also told the group that for positive attitude our habits should be positive because habits become our attitude.
Step 5 (Mutual Respect): The resource person briefed the youth group that if you want to be in a group then mutual respect is necessary for every individual. So it is also an important step of success.
Step 6 (Friendly Behavior): Mrs. Amita briefed to the youths that to work in a group your behavior should be friendly. She also said that if there is lack of friendly behavior within the group you can not succeed in your task.
Step 7 (Knowledge): She told to the youths that when you are taking initiative of any group work be sure about its background and plan according your knowledge. The knowledge is also the key point of the success. It is the knowledge that will reach you to the top of the success.

Step 8 (Action): In concern with this step of success the resource person briefed the youth group that after passing the seven steps of success you will have to take the action against your work. In absence of action no one will succeed in life. So it is the important step of success.
Step 9 (Victory): It is the last step of success. Mrs. Amita said to the participants that if you follow the steps of success then the last step of success will be automatically comes in your path that is known as victory. The victory will lead you to do more and more group work.
All the participants actively participated in the whole session of training and they also entertained their selves by various activity like sang songs, presented jokes, played street play etc between the training session.

Mr. Rajiv, Project Manager, has also taken feed back from the youths about the training session. Each participant shared their view regarding training session they told that it will help them in how to work in a group, how to work for community, understanding the problems, lead the community in a positive way, follow the steps of success etc. Some participants also pointed that the resource person not explained the last two steps of success.
This training was also attended by Rakesh, Rajeev, Sapna, Vishnu and Farhan, who are working in Bawana and Seemapuri with Action Aid.

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