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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


27th JUNE, 09
Women capacity building training of Bawana & Seema Puri was held on 27th June, 09. A resource person Mrs. Jyotsana Batra was invited to take the whole day session of training, 30 women from Seema Puri & Bawana attended the training.
A round of introduction of the all participants was conducted.
The meaning of capacity building was explained: It is to do self-management in limited resources.
Firstly, personality development was taken as a theme. What we are, we are forgetting all these we need to know the self development, and positive attitude has to be there. We should not think negative so it is must to think positive rather than thinking negative.
Secondly, the importance of creativity was explained. You feel confident if you have made some thing new out of the existing one.
An activity was given to the women for testing aptitude. All the participants were given a sheet to fill.
The third important thing which was explained was self-confidence. We have inbuilt fear that I can not do, but every one has some kind of talent, but we need to recoganise that talent, the example of CM Mayawati and Ex MP Rabri Devi.

Following five points were broadly discussed during the training:
  • Thought (Positive Attitude)
  • Self esteem
  • Creativity (Confidence)
  • Leadership
  • Motivation                         
    Importance of this pyramid was explained
The group was divided into two and all the women from the both community was merged after lunch. The session after lunch was started by the communication skill.
Communication Skills: After the lunch the group was told about the communication skill. We express our selves in three ways acting, speaking and writing just to communicate our expressions to others. Communication skills are very important just to convey our message, therefore while communicating to others.

A plot was given to the women groups to act. The plot was for the literacy of the girl child and to prohibit child marriage.
The group developed the story themselves and acted so well. It shows that once they are given the opportunity and proper training, they can do well in future.
Through this act it was tried to explain the importance of unity because in one group only 3 people participated and in other group all the women participated so it seems that all are equally responsible for the cause. One group raised the point of importance of girl education and abolition of child marriage; where as the other group took the issue of Sanitation, PDS, Electricity, MCD, Hospital. The address for Free legal cell was also given to the women: Member Secretary, Room No. 1, Patiala House, New Delhi.
Although it takes much time to build up the confidence, but it was more prominent on the faces of that group who came to attend the training, one of them stated to the resource person that we will try to implement this in our life and next time when you will come for the training you can feel the change in among us yourself. The primary focus of such kind of training is that to build self confidence and the way that women stated, I think that it is the right beginning.
This capacity building of women group was ended with thanks note of Mrs. Ritu. In this training women of Bawana & Seemapuri were learnt many things which will help them to build their capacity. 32 women attended the said training at ISI, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 27th June, 2009.

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