Commitment to transparent functioning

We at Pardarshita strongly feel that while we demand the government departments to be transparent with everyone, we also have a duty of maintaining transparency in terms of our own work, expenditures, funding and so on. So, to re-iterate our commitment towards ethical and pardarshi work, we invite anyone to inspect our books of accounts.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Updates on Financial Aid, March 2009

Accordance to the notification dated 25/1/07 the students admitted against free seats in such school shall get financial assistance, at par with the students of Government school, for expenditure on account of uniform and books; and the financial assistance referred to in first proviso shall be reimbursed by the Education Department and disbursed through the Head of School.

But till December 2008 nothing was done neither at the level of Court nor at the level of education department. In the month of December a meeting was conducted with the parents whose children were admitted under EWS quota in public schools and the parents decided to file individual RTI application for seeking the status of reimbursement in lieu of Books and uniform, and around 122 parents filed RTI application in East, North East and south West A District.
Now the students have received a cheque of Rs. 580/- for primary and Rs.630 for middle classes.
We would also like to share that the maximum number of admission has been done in the district of East & North East where Pardarshita has been working consistently for last couple of years.

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